5 ways to promote your blog

5 ways to promote blog?

 The bulk of bloggers, in my experience, fail to promote their blogs. There are a lot of amazing bloggers out there who no one has ever heard of because they don't know how to advertise their blogs or simply don't want to. 

The most crucial piece of advice I can give you about promoting your blog is to tell people about it! 

Many bloggers have told me that they do not market their blogs because they do not believe they are worthy of promotion. "I don't have enough content yet," they remark, or "I need to improve on my site design first." 

Do not subject yourself to this! If you've put forth the effort to create a fantastic website,

Email marketing is number one. 

Many of the other suggestions on this page are geared on attracting new readers to your site. However, if you want to grow a meaningful following, you'll need to keep first-time readers coming back! 

Here's when email marketing comes in handy. You may alert your readers when you submit new content on your blog by collecting their email addresses (with their consent, of course). This encourages individuals to return to your site, which not only increases your readership over time but also allows you to develop a better relationship with them. 

I built a separate tutorial for email marketing because it's too huge of a topic to discuss effectively here.

2. Social media sites 

You almost certainly have a Facebook account and possibly a Twitter one as well. So, whenever you publish something on your blog, make sure to provide a link to it on your social media profiles. 

It also aids in making connections with other people who are interested in your subject. Send a friend request to the most influential blogs in your field, and make sure you follow them on Twitter. 

You could be amazed at how many people find your content fascinating and share it with their friends.

3. Leaving comments on other people's blogs 

Many blogs allow you to post a comment that includes a link to your own blog. Making useful comments on blogs connected to your issue will put your blog in front of individuals who are likely to be interested in your topic. 

Caution! This procedure should not be abused.

If you're only trying to get your name out there by writing bad comments on other people's blogs, it'll only hurt your blog. Furthermore, the blog owner is likely to eliminate low-quality comments anyhow. 

People are more likely to visit your site if you offer a useful comment because they want to hear more about what you have to say on the subject.

4. Provide links to other blogs. 

Writing a reaction to a post from another blog is one of the top blog post ideas. This could be a blog post you don't agree with or a topic about which you have something to say. 

Make sure to include a link to the blog you're responding to. This results in what is known as a "trackback" on most blogs. 

A trackback simply means that the blog you linked to will immediately post a link to your site as well. This means that anyone reading the other person's blog article will notice your blog's link and, ideally, click on it to visit your site.

5. Posting as a guest 

Writing guest posts is another technique to encourage readers of other sites to learn about your blog. 

You may write a guest post by contacting other blog owners and offering to write a piece for their site. 

Not all bloggers are interested in this, but if you can identify a handful that are, it'll be a win-win situation for everyone. In exchange for providing them with high-quality content, you include a link to your blog in your post. People are more inclined to visit your blog for more fantastic material if they love your guest article.

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