what are NFTs and how to make money on NFTs?

What are NFTs, and how to make money to NFTs?
What are NFTs and how to make money on it?

NFTs or non-fungible token, are all over the internet nowadays And most of people are fawning about them, astonishing sums of money have been amassed by creators and investors, NFTs change many peoples live forever. The selling of beeple's NFTs for $80 dollars earlier this year Shocked the internet and changed the way people looked About digital collectibles. So, how are you going to make money off it? Do you think of yourself as a maker? Do you have any handmade items? You can make more money by selling your creation as NFT. You can create and selling anything digital as an  NFT. There are original digital art, memes, music, video, audio sample and a lot more. A newyorker even branded his farts as NFT. Even if you are not a gamer, you can use NFT to showcase you skills and sell them on the higher platform. Your NFTs will be transferable on market place such as Hubcoin ($HUB), the company native token, is also good cryptocurrency investment. So go ahead and take action. The only thing capable To limit you is your imagination... Hubcoin $hub allow for the creation of the trustless, decentralized and non-custodial competition through the Use of smart contracts and add value to the gamers experience of gammer's through the Use of blockchain technology.

1. Digital works of art. When it comes to sheer profitable, individual NFTs art works are by far the most valuable non-fungible tokens ever created. Many work of art created from NFT have been auctioned for millions of dollars. 

2. Trade NFTs?. Buying and selling NFTs can be a profitable investment strategy. Pablo Rodriguez-fraile, a Miami based art Collector, flipped a Beeple digital art piece for approximately 1,000 times is original price is less than six months On the order hand, not all NFTs are made equal. Other are nearly worthless, while others are. Worth millions of dollars. As a collector,  You scrutinize an object for the possibilities of benefitting from resale in the future.

3. Licenced collectibles: tokenizing collectibles seems like the most Natural and obvious application of the non-fungible token technology. Brand which were Already selling physical collectibles such as trading cards Can now also sell the same thing in a digital form. Since NFTs hava probable rarity, the price of a digital trading cards can be much Higher than the price of it's physical counterpart.

Any physical collectibles can also turned into non-fungible tokens. While physical trading cards Are easily damageable, NFTs can securely stored on the blockchain, and they will never lose quality.

4. Staking NFTs: what is the definition of staking? Staking is a process or strategy of storing digital assets in the form of (stake) and assigning them to those who are willing to maintain them. They give a piece of the price in exchanger. Many websites allow you to stake to stake your NFTs in exchange for incentive bonuses.

5. NFTs videos games: the NFTs-based video games can very well be The future of NFTs technology. So far, non of the game utilize non-fungible tokens managed to gain wide spread popularity, but the potential of applying NFTs to video games seems tremendous. 
Gamers are already known to spend fortunes on virtual items. Work of Warcraft gold, call of duty loot boxes or counter strike skins all of these market are already worth billions. If any major videos games company decide to sell in game Items as NFTs impact of such a decision on both gaming and blockchain ecosystems would be tremendous. 

What is the easiest way to start earning money from NFTs?

1. Make NFT
2. Sell NFT
3. Bank proceed from sell of NFT

You may recall that beeple just sold an NFTs for $69.3 millions. While that figure may be a little high, it emphasize the fact that NFTs may be a source of revenue. The acronym NFT stand for non-fungible token. Which implies it a one of a kind digital assets that belongs to and you alone artwork and music are now the most common NFTs, but film's and even tweets can also included. 

How to earn $1000 daily on NFTs?

Earning $1,000 daily in NFTs world can be tricky as well as will require extensive work from your side and also require knowledge about coding and editing If you want earn money by creating NFTs and selling them. So if you have skills related coding and editing as well as readyness to work hard daily, then you may earn from this. 

What are the Risk that you may encounter with  in a NFTs world?

1. Scms: in this digital era there are many scams, it's sad reality that affects far too many aspects of investment platform and social media platforms, Unfortunately There are many scams in cryptocurrency world in generally. NFTs are no expectation. It's a quiet possible for a person to start an NFTs project and maker sure to attract investors. However, during project "minting" which is sort of sending the money to the creator to receive the NFTs, launch there are risk, for example my friend (George alade) where the creator received the money but never transferred any NFTs and walked away with almost $3 millions. So, that beware with scams.

2. Loss of capital: it's possible to buy NFT at a certain price today,  imagine you buy NFT at a $800 but the same NFT May be worth only $400 tomorrow but this risk is essential to any investment. Infact, it's a opposite that we hope. It will be worth more than $800 tomorrow. 

3.  Loss of keys: so it's a big risk, but it's a still possible that you lose the access keys to the digital wallet on which your NFTs are stored, and in this case it's impossible to recover them. Your NFTs will lose forever because there is no other way to recover your keys when it comes to lose them. So, you have to be very careful with your keys 

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